Walkable Tavistock

Parts of Tavistock are well connected and attractive to walk through. What if all were, and walking was the natural choice for short trips?

How can we move towards “Walkable Tavistock”? A place where:

Diagram showing main idea: People who live in or visit Tavistock can easily find, and choose to use, walkable connections between residential areas and to the town’s businesses, public services and community facilities. Side comments that people means all ages with under 11s accompanied, that walkable connections are safe, well maintained and easy to find, linking pavements, cut-throughs and places to cross roads, and that waking includes use of wheelchairs, buggies, guide dogs and other mobility aids.

Walking as a transport choice can benefit people and place:

Overlapping circles listing benefits of walking:
Health - physical activity, time outdoors, cleaner air;
Connection - companionship, environment, independence;
Prosperity - attractive to visit, cost-free travel, less congestion.
And it’s zero carbon (unless fuelled by extra cake)

Features of walkable routes between places people want to be:

Diagram showing features of walkable routes, under headings of Promoted, Relevant, Enjoyable and Safe.
Anything else? What’s already in place? What needs development? Who has influence?

We’ve made a map! Transition Tavistock, through our Travel Action Group, commissioned a bespoke street map covering the whole town to help residents and visitors pick walkable routes for trips across it, including the many pedestrian cut-throughs and green spaces. This complements work by the Ramblers on countryside footpaths and Slow Ways on a national walking network. Thanks to funding from West Devon BC, Devon CC, LiveWest, The Lions Club of Tavistock and Active Devon, printed copies are available free.

We welcome additional volunteers and collaboration with other local organisations with an interest in encouraging everyday walking and removing barriers to it. Do get in touch: travel@transitiontavistock.org.uk.