Horrabridge Energy Savers old

This is an archive page from 2014. The project has now concluded. 

How can I save money on my energy bills and make my
more comfortable?

Horrabridge Energy Savers is here to help!

Three hundred and fifty households have been invited to take part in Horrabridge Energy Savers. If you’ve received an invitation check out our workshop programme (please note that we have cancelled the Saturday workshops) – and look out for more information on the home energy assessment process. l.

Find out more about Horrabridge Energy Savers  here

Next Workshops

The next workshops are:

Getting to Grips with Energy Costs

  • Tuesday 29th April at 19:00  –  Horrabridge Village Hall –

DIY and low cost improvements

  • Thursday 1st May at 19:00  –  Horrabridge Village Hall –

Your free home energy assessment

  • Monday 12th May at 18:30     –  Horrabridge Community Primary School

The Clever Stuff – specialist sessions (see timing below)

  • Thursday 15th May at 18:00  –  Horrabridge Village Hall –

 Session 1: Are you living in an older more traditionally built property?           18:00      

  • Learn more about making your older home more energy efficient.

Session 2: Have you ever considered external wall insulation                                19:15  

  • Come and hear Jack Penfound from Greenhus explain the options.

Session 3: Range of options for renewable energy in the home?                          20:30     

  • We’ll be looking at solar, wind, wood, heat pumps and hydro in a domestic setting

More details here.