Transition Tavistock seeks to bring our community together by sharing knowledge and practical ideas to use less energy and resources, grow more of our own food, and supply and buy more locally.

Our goal is to help build a strong and self-supporting community for Tavistock and the surrounding areas, seizing the opportunity to bring about a more sustainable and better future.

We are set up as a membership based voluntary organisation, led by a committee elected by members, with working groups on current projects or themes. Our volunteer-run activities grow out of members’ ideas and initiatives, and operate within our equalities and safeguarding policies.

Membership, currently £5 per year, supports us in making information and activities available to all, and in having collective influence within the community. Additional donations are also welcome. Details of how to join or donate are on the back of our current flier.

Members get our monthly email newsletter, but you can receive it without joining if you prefer, and still hear about local events and opportunities to volunteer.

Our constitution is below. (Like all such documents it’s wordy and language reflects the time it was drawn up – initially 2009, with minor updates since.) As it anticipates, we’ve evolved over time: annual reports are here.