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Please let us know your views on Horrabridge Energy Savers … and have a chance of winning a £25 voucher to spend locally

Do you live in Horrabridge? Have you been encouraged or helped by Horrabridge Energy Savers? Or has it had no impact on you at all?

Either way, it would be very helpful if you could fill in a short survey and return it. It should only take a few minutes. The survey can be completed on-line.

Click here for the on-line survey.

The draw for the £25 vouchers to spend with a local business has now been made and there were three lucky winners.

Paper copies will be delivered through the door of about 350 households over the next few days.

Paper surveys can be posted in the Energy Savers boxes in Horrabridge Stores, Horrabridge Primary School, The London Inn, The Leaping Salmon, The Chippie or the post box outside the Village Hall.

We need your completed surveys to be handed in, or completed online by the end of the day on Saturday 21st February. All surveys handed in by this time will be entered into the draw.

Horrabridge Energy Savers is brought to you by Transition Tavistock and the Energy Saving Trust. It is a voluntary not-for-profit initiative.

We look forward to your responses and would like to thank you for your time in advance!
If you have any questions please email or call Kate Royston on 07969-569-444.