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Seventeen Open Homes to visit over weekend of 13th and 14th September

Seventeen households across the area are taking part in the Open Homes weekend on the 13th and 14th September.

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You can download the programme here or click on the image.

Information on the Individual homes can be found here. 

There are five bus tours to choose from. If you don’t have transport, or would like to visit homes with others, please fill in the booking form.

The Energy Savers Eco Fair on Sat. 20th Sept at Tavistock College is shaping up well. Check here for the latest on exhibitors and activities.

Any questions or suggestions please get in touch (; 07969-569-444).



Tamar Energy Community is born

A new cooperative has arrived in town! Volunteers from Transition Tavistock have set up an energy cooperative for Tavistock, Callington and areas. Everyone locally can join Tamar Energy Community by paying £1 as soon as membership opens.

This is an important step for the development of community energy locally. We’re all spending a lot of money on heating and powering our homes (around £16m per year or £44,000 a day across Tavistock area). With much of this spend with big power companies the majority of the benefit leaves our local economy like a leaking bucket.

By working together we can start to stem this flow in a number of ways. We can make our homes and businesses more energy efficient and reduce the amount we need to spend. We can also generate more locally, investing in micro-renewables at home or work. We can also look at opportunities to get together as a community and invest collectively in schemes which will deliver local benefit.

If you’re interested in getting involved please let us know. We’re recruiting for a range of skills to join the managing team and get us off the ground!

To see what others are achieving elsewhere check out Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (

Energy Savers logo single blueFind out more about reducing your energy costs at the Energy Savers Open Homes weekend taking place on Sat and Sun 13th and 14th March; and at the Energy Savers Eco Fair at Tavistock College on Sat 20th September (10:00 to 16:00).

There’ll be exhibitors, practical talks, children’s entertainment and a performance from Matt Harvey, an exciting poet from Radio 4’s Wondermentalist series.

For more details, or if you’d like to exhibit or include your home, explore the links above or contact (Kate – 07969-569-444).

What is Watt?

Do you know how much energy you’re consuming on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? A good way of keeping those bills under control is to monitor your usage. The simplest way is to make a note of your meter readings on the same day and time each week and start to get an idea of your usual consumption. Then look at ways of reducing this.

Significant amounts of energy are used by the wide array of electrical appliances many of us have in our households, which can be consuming power even when on standby. It can be quite surprising how many watts of power some appliances use.

We have a number of tools to help householders. Plug-in energy monitors help you understand how much individual appliances use. A whole house energy monitor shows how much energy is being consumed in the home … and shows the differences when individual appliances are switched on and off. You can borrow these for a couple of weeks and see what difference it can make.

At the Energy Savers Eco Fair on Sat. 20th September (Tavistock College: 10am to 4pm) there will be a display of various types of monitors and how to use them, together with energy saving tips. There will also be a ‘What is Watt’ game to test your understanding of how much power various appliances are using!

You can also visit householders at the Open Homes on 13th and 14th September and find out what monitoring they are carrying out and how it has informed their behaviour.

Don’t forget the free and reduced cost loft and cavity wall insulation available at the moment (Cosy Devon).

For more information email , call Kate on 07969-569-444 or check out the links here.