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July 2010 Newsetter

Transition Tavistock Update – July 2010

Welcome to Transition Tavistock’s latest newsletter

(1) Information Stalls
(2) Energy Group update
(3) Food Group Update
(4) Grow Tavi
(5) Balsamic Vinegar ‘Taste-a-like’ from pine needles with health benefits!
(6) Eco Teams
(7) Solar PV successfully installed – another local example
(8) Green Drinks
(9) The Big Lunch
(10) Lloyd’s / Chatham House ‘Sustainable Energy Security’ White Paper
(11) 2010 Transition Network UK Conference
(12) Transition news from around the World
(13) The Electric Ride
(14) Links of the Month
1. Information Stalls
The next information stall will be at Gulworthy Parish Fete, Hele Farm on Sunday 25th July 2010 (14:00).
Transition Tavistock will also be present at the Tavistock Community Day on September 4th.
If you have a meeting or event and would like to have us present or provide information please get in touch.

2. Energy Group Update
The Energy Group next meets on Thursday 29th July in the evening. The Hepworth’s are hosting our session and we’ll have a chance to see their new solar thermal installation first hand, together with some of their other sustainability initiatives.
If you’re interested in joining us please get in touch with Kate Royston on 07969-569-444 .
Our current projects include EcoTeams and identifying and publicising Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy examples. We’re also working to improve our own energy sustainability and sharing our experiences.

3. Food Group Update
At the last meeting, the group was hosted by a local smallholding which supplies the Tavistock Farmers’ Market. Local organic meat producers attended. Ongoing projects include providing food planting in Tavistock town centre and identification of communal land for food production. Meetings are always a forum for passing on surplus plants and produce; the next meeting is on August 8th. Contact Jackie Eady for further details.

4. Grow Tavi
The next meeting of this community forum is on Tuesday 13th July from 2 to 4 pm at the Wharf. GrowTavi is a joint Westden and TaVi initiative to promote and discuss all aspects of local food growing including: Allotments, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Guerilla Gardening, Edible Landscapes, Peak Oil,Climate Change and much more… All welcome!

5. Balsamic Vinegar ‘Taste-a-like’ from pine needles with health benefits!
A tip from a wild food forage during the Transition Conference: Balsamic type vinegar made from pine needles. I’ve mislaid my notes but remember that you need to fill a jar with washed pine needles and go from there. ‘Googling’ has uncovered a number of links to show this is a well known wild food! Let us know how yours turns out!…

Pine Needle Vinegar

According to
“Pine vinegar is rich in flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It helps keep the immune system strong, and strengthens the lungs as well”.

6. EcoTeams
Are you interested in working together with other families and friends to reduce your waste, energy, and water and food bills? The EcoTeam’s initiative organised by Global Action Plan, and supported by Transition Tavistock, provides free online tools and resources and shows you how to measure and reduce your environmental footprint together with others. On average households participating in EcoTeams achieve annual savings of £170. To find out more see
If you’re interested in leading an EcoTeam, or being part of an EcoTeam, please get in touch with Kate Royston on 07969-569-444.
We’re looking forward to getting our first team up and running for the Autumn!

7. Solar PV system successfully installed – another local example
Mike and Jenny Dennis, both members of the TT Energy Group, have had photovoltaic panels installed during the first week in July 2010. With an array of 18 x 215w panels Mike and Jenny have the capacity to generate 3.87KW. Before and after photos can be seen below!
We’ll provide the full story in next month’s newsletter.
They are going to maintain records of the amount of energy generated, how much has been exported to the grid and savings in other fuel use to calculate the overall benefits gained. These can be shared once there is sufficient data to make meaningful comparisons!

Do you have an idea or a scheme yourself for saving energy, waste, water etc., or a renewable energy or sustainable building project that you’d like to share? If so we’d love to hear about it and if you’re agreeable share it with others.

If you are interested in knowing more contact Mike .

8. Green Drinks
July’s Green Drinks is on Tuesday 13th July between 19.30 and 21.30 at the Market Inn, Tavistock. Come along if you’d like to chat and share views with other like minded folk concerned for our environment and sustainability.
This is a global movement, and in Tavistock it happens on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

9. The Big Lunch – Meet the Neighbours!
The Big Lunch is happening again this year, on Sunday 18th July. Set up your own or find one near you at There are a number being organised in the area including:
“Bannawell Street Park’s Big Lunch 2010 – Homemade or Fairtrade”, 13:00 to 17:00
Devon Consols Big Lunch for Residents and Friends – in the woods!
And so far, two Big Lunches in Whitchurch Rd!
If you are involved in a Big Lunch on Sunday please send some pictures for next month’s newsletter.

10. Lloyd’s / Chatham House ‘Sustainable Energy Security’ White Paper
This paper highlights critical issues surrounding energy vulnerabilities and risks for business. It prompted the Transition movement to release its first ever press release that had in its first line “business-as-usual is no longer an option.” To read the full release go here:

11. 2010 Transition Network UK Conference
The 2010 Transition Network UK Conference saw 350 delegates gather at Seale Hayne, just outside Newton Abbot, over the weekend of 12 to 13 June. A couple of folks from Transition Tavistock attended the thought provoking event and will be sharing their experiences over the coming weeks. Click on for a flavour.

12. Transition News from around the World
For Transition News from around the world log on to
which links to a roundup of Transition news from far and wide. At the end of this link there is the chance to subscribe to the on-line Transition Network Newsletter to keep up to date with Transition news.

13. The Electric Ride
Radio 4 have been running a series following “Peter Curran driving a battery car 4,500 miles around Europe on a pioneering journey” Although only the last part, aired on Saturday July 10th, is still available on i-player, the website provides an overview of the journey, interviews etc. Very entertaining and interesting!

14. Links of the Month
• A very useful link with a wealth of information – The Diocese of Exeter – Shrinking the Footprint
• Ecodriving: If you drive, you can save a significant amount of fuel by adapting your driving style. Go to to view a short film.
• Latest Transition Network Newsletter with loads of stuff from the recent Transition Conference