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June 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to Transition Tavistock’s latest newsletter

(1) Information Stalls
(2) Energy Group update
(3) Food Group Update
(4) Eco Teams
(5) Solar Thermal successfully installed – local best practice example
(6) Green Drinks
(7) The Big Lunch
(8) 2010 Transition Network UK Conference
(9) Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP)
(10) Chagford Energy Fair
(11) Transition news from around the World
(12) Volunteering Opportunity
(13) Questionnaire
(14) Other Links

1. Information Stalls
Our Information Stalls at Tavistock Farmers Market on Saturday 8th May, and at Tavistock Gardening Festival on Sunday 30th May attracted much interest and we’d like to thank everyone for their support. We’re planning to hold further Information Stalls regularly through the year at different locations.

2. Energy Group Update
The Energy Group next meets on Thursday 24th June. If you’re interested in joining us please get in touch with Kate Royston on 07969-569-444 .
Our current projects include EcoTeams, identifying and publicising Local Best Practice examples and the development of an Energy Descent Action Plan.

3. Food Group Update
The Food Group is working on a number of themes, including strengthening links between local food growers and their local communities, and urban planting of food rather than flowers. Meetings include a practical aspect, and the next one on 27th June is likely to be held at a local smallholding with sustainable house – contact Jackie Eady if you’d like to come along:eadys[at] Meanwhile, save seeds from your garden this summer ready for a big Seedy Sunday Swop in early 2011.

4. EcoTeams
Are you interested in working together with other families and friends to reduce your waste, energy, and water and food bills? The EcoTeam’s initiative organised by Global Action Plan, and supported by Transition Tavistock, provides free online tools and resources and shows you how to measure and reduce your environmental footprint together with others. On average households participating in EcoTeams achieve annual savings of £170. To find out more see
If you’re interested in leading an EcoTeam, or being part of an EcoTeam, please get in touch with Kate Royston on 07969-569-444.

5. Solar Thermal system successfully installed – a local best practice example
Adrian Hepworth, a member of the TT Energy Group, and his wife Sue (both regular supporters of Green Drinks!) have recently had a solar thermal system installed.
“We have just had a solar thermal panel installed. It is made in England to a design that makes it work even off-grid. It has a small solar PV panel that powers the pump and recharges the batteries that run the control unit.”
After a small teething problem, quickly resolved by the supplier, the system was up and running effectively in time for 3 days of splendid sunny weather …
“Over the following 3 days with the panel cooling to about 15C at midnight, the maximum temp of the panel has been 82C, the top of the tank 65C and the bottom of the tank 56C. At 7pm this evening, the panel, having been in the shade since about 6pm, it has cooled to 37.6C but has left the tank at 60.5C at the top and 56.2C at the bottom, way above what the immersion heater could have done.”
“Maintenance? Hardly any! The virtually unbreakable double glazed polycarbonate panel might need a wash once a year and an annual check for leaks would be sensible. Cost? About £2,500 but a grant for about £400 was available. You would need to check the current situation regarding grants. Then you have to decide if you want to have it installed or you feel brave enough to do it yourself.”
If you are interested in seeing it just let Adrian know or phone him on 01822 820345

For the full story go to

Do you have an idea or a scheme yourself for saving energy, waste, water etc., or a renewable energy or sustainable building project that you’d like to share? If so we’d love to hear about it and if you’re agreeable share it with others

6. Green Drinks
June’s Green Drinks is on Tuesday 8th June between 19.30 and 21.30 at the Market Inn, Tavistock. Come along if you’d like to chat and share views with other like minded folk concerned for our environment and sustainability.
This is a global movement, and in Tavistock it happens on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

7. The Big Lunch – Meet the Neighbours!
The Big Lunch will be happening again this year, on 18th July. Set up your own or find one near you at

8. 2010 Transition Network UK Conference
The 2010 Transition Network UK Conference will be held at Seale Hayne, just outside Newton Abbot, over the weekend of 12 to 13 June. It’ll start on Saturday morning 12th June and finish at lunchtime on Monday 14 June. If you’re interested tickets are still available at

9. Energy Decent Action Plan (EDAP)
Work is planned to begin on a preliminary study in the coming months. We will be actively seeking support from interested parties to get involved.
The Totnes EDAP has recently been published and can be found at:

10. Chagford Energy Fair
An Energy Fair will be taking place in Chagford’s Jubilee Hall on Saturday 12th June from 14.00 until 18.00. Presented by CARE ( Chagford Action for Renewable Energy) the event will include Renewable Energy suppliers, installers, presentations, information and more; see

11. Transition News from around the World
For Transition News from around the world log on to which links to a roundup of transition video clips from around the world. At the end of this link there is the chance to subscribe to the on-line Transition Network Newsletter to keep up to date with Transition news.

12. Volunteering Opportunity
Transition Tavistock is looking for somebody to manage their publicity. If you have the skills and perhaps could use the experience for your C.V. then please get in touch via our email address below.

13. Questionnaire
You will find a short survey attached to the email along with this newsletter. Please let us know about yourself by completing it and returning to the email address below.

14. Other Links
Check out the website for Transition North Cornwall .
Wanting to renovate your house, eco style? Very useful website