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April 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to Transition Tavistock’s latest newsletter (April 2010)

(1) Farmers Market Information Stall
(2) Food Group update
(3) Energy Group Update
(4) Eco Teams
(5) Local best practice examples
(6) Green Drinks
(7) Tool Pool
(8) The Big Lunch
(9) 2010 Transition Network UK Conference
(10) Tavistock Cycling Fun Day
(11) Energy Descent Action Plan (EDAP)
(12) Transition news from around the World
(13) Transition Tavistock and the Climate Hustings

1. Farmers Market Information Stall
On Saturday 8th May 2010 Transition Tavistock will be hosting an Information Stall at Tavistock Farmer’s Market. There will be information about:
• what we’re doing in the Food, Energy and Waste Groups,
• how you can get involved,
• other local initiatives,
• where to go for advice and much more.
We hope to see you there!

2. Food Group UpdateThe Food Group has had its first meeting. It wants to do lots of things including
• seed and seedling swops (8 May TT stall at farmer’s market and the Tavistock Garden Festival on 30 May)
• publicise outlets to sell or give away fruit and veg surpluses
• set up opportunities to visit gardens and learn about growing and cooking/preserving methods
• lobby for food growing in public spaces a la Todmorden
Next meeting is Sunday 23 May at the Friends’ Meeting House,  Bedford car park, 3 – 5 pm. Sue Hepworth will show us how to make kefir, a yoghurt-like food.  All welcome.

3. Energy Group Update
The Energy Group next meets on 26th May. We’ve various project on hand – come and talk to us about what we’re up to at our stall on 8th May – see above.

4. Eco TeamsAre you interested in working together with other families and friends to reduce your waste, energy, and water and food bills? The Eco Team’s initiative organised by Global Action Plan, and supported by Transition Tavistock, provides free online tools and resources and shows you how to measure and reduce your environmental footprint together with others.
If you’re interested in leading an EcoTeam there’s training available in Sidmouth on April 24th ( If you’re interested in participating or learning more contact Kate Royston on 07969-569-444.

5. Local best practice examplesPlease let us know if you’ve developed an idea or a scheme yourself for saving energy, waste, water etc., or a renewable energy or sustainable building project that you’d like to share. We’d love to hear about it and if you’re agreeable share it with ourselves.

6. Green Drinks
May’s Green Drinks is on Tuesday 11th May between 19.30 and 21.30 at the Market Inn, Tavistock. Come along if you’d like to chat and share views with other like minded folk!
Another reminder of this chance for like-minded people concerned for our environment and sustainability to meet up informally for a chat. This is a global movement, and in Tavistock it happens on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, between 19.30 and 21.30 at the Market Inn (so the next get together is Tuesday 11th May) – you’re all very welcome just to turn up.

7. Tool Pool
We’re looking at the possibility of developing a Tool Pool for people to share. Let us know what you think, and if you have any tools you might be prepared to share with others. More details next month!

8.. The Big LunchThe Big Lunch will be happening again this year, on 18th July. Either set up your own or find one near you at

9. 2010 Transition Network UK Conference
The 2010 Transition Network UK Conference will be held at Seale Hayne, just outside Newton Abbott, over the weekend of 12 to 13-June. It’ll start on Saturday morning 12-June and close up at lunchtime on Monday 14-June. Costs and agenda still to be notified.

10. Tavistock Cycling Fun Day
Tavistock Cycling fun Day: Saturday 24th April in the Meadows from 10am-4pm. Activities/attractions will include:
• Taster bike ride
• Spectacular mountain bike trails demonstrations
• a free Dr. Bike clinic – give your bike a health check
• free security marking with the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
• taster sessions of cycle training and mountain biking
• ‘learn how to fix a puncture’ sessions
• mini cycle circus
• children’s entertainment
• quizzes and competitions with prizes to win
• plus lots of information about cycling in Devon!

11. Energy Decent Action PlanFive people attended last week’s meeting to discuss whether this was the right moment for Transition Tavistock to embark on an EDAP. Views differed and the debate was lively. The whole issue will be discussed again at the next Committee meeting on 11th May. We would be delighted to hear your thoughts on the subject. (Our contact details below)

12. Transition News from around the World
For Transition News from around the world log on to
which links to a roundup of transition video clips from around the world. At the end of this link there is the chance to subscribe to the on-line Transition Network Newsletter to keep up to date with Transition news.

13. Transition Tavistock and the Climate HustingsAt the Climate Hustings in the Bedford Hotel on the 20th April Transition Tavistock had the chance to ask our prospective MP’s what they thought our priorities should be.
These are their responses:

Summary below in the order in which they responded!

• Encourage local people to press hard for any new local developments to be ‘Carbon Neutral’.
• Encourage introduction of a local food recycling scheme
• Look at options to reduce congestion from transport traveling through Tavistock to Plymouth e.g. re-routing or Park & Drive

• … the sky should be our limit.

Green party
Based on experiences from Torridge encourage:
• introduction of more cycle paths
• composting
• local shops to turn their shops off at night
• ‘walking buses’ to schools.

The Labour representative was not our local candidate
Things that have worked well in Ivybridge.
• Waste reduction initiatives
• Encouraging micro-generation schemes
• Working to develop community cohesion … and growth from a small group to a critical mass of support.

Concern for new housing development in the community and who it may be housing

Agreement with LibDem and Labour
Work to engage with the whole of the community and get them behind ‘the cause’; not just those who are already ‘on message’!